About Fabrics

We provide kinds of fabrics to creat the jewelry pouches:


Microfiber leather is a kind of microfiber, which is the abbreviation of PU synthetic leather. it is a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network made of ultra-fine short fibers by carding and acupuncture and then processed by wet processing, PU resin impregnation, dyeing, and finishing. Fiber skin has many properties.

The microfiber we have is one kind of cloth that has a soft and tight surface. It is the most expensive material we have for doing a microfiber jewelry package.
Lots of our customers choose this kind of material, cause it looks more luxurious and presents your style.


Velvet jewelry pouches are one of the environmentally friendly pouches and can be reused. It is mainly a kind of fiber fabric, the pouch’s body is soft, and its basic material is polyamide fiber, that is, nylon. After brushing, the surface is rich and fluffy cotton fabric.

The velvet jewelry pouch is lightweight and portable. The velvet itself is light in the material, and the sewed bag is light in quality; it is flexible and convenient, compact and delicate with a drawstring closing method. The velvet material can withstand printing processes such, do one color printing or doing a hot gold foil. Various l patterns and characters can be printed on the surface of the bag to enrich the content of the product and make the appearance of the product fit the application.



Linen material, also known as crow hemp and flax, is divided into three categories: fiber, oil, and fiber and oil, all of which are annual herbs. It is one of the main fiber raw materials for spring and summer clothes due to its good absorbent, fast moisture conduction, and relatively small diameter. Usually, the cloth woven from flax fiber is called flax fabric.

Linen is woven by twisting flax into threads. The surface is not as smooth as chemical fibers and cotton and has a vivid uneven texture.


Flannel refers to the cotton fabric with rich fluff on the surface after brushing. Through the pinhole tufting process on the surface of the cloth, more fluff is produced, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. The pouch with high gloss, soft and thick to the touch, is often used in the packaging of jewelry.



The satin fabric has occupied a place in the recent fabric market with the advantages of lightness, suppleness, elasticity, comfort, and luster. The appearance of satin cloth is similar to that of five satin and eight satins. Its raw material can be cotton, blended, polyester, or pure fiber, and polyester low-elasticity yarn is its main raw material. The material has a good gloss and drape, a soft feel, and a silk-like effect.

Cotton Canvas:

The canvas jewelry pouch is a kind of jewelry bag made from natural cotton, these materials are biodegradable, so compare to other jewelry, the cotton canvas is friendly to the environment.

In the jewelry market, you can see lots of jewels packed in the cotton canvas jewelry pouches.

Try to keep away from liquid or sharp objects when placing or transporting, so as not to damage the cotton canvas jewelry pouch.

Notice: The size of the cotton canvas jewelry pouch should fit the size of the jewelry. Before you order the jewelry pouch, you should measure the jewelry first. Do not force jewelry into a cotton canvas jewelry pouch that is too small, or into a jewelry pouch that is so large that the jewelry moves around.